A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company

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Welcome to Veteran's Hemp Market!

We bring the highest quality CBD products to market.  Our brand is synonymous with purity, safety and efficacy. All of our products and services were created for the heroes who have protected our freedom. We are all about compassionate care, cannabis education, and business opportunities to our veterans. It’s one small way we continue to remember the men and women who have sacrificed so much.

We focus on the flower.

Growing top-quality cannabis requires attentive care and meticulous harvesting, which is why our products focus on the flower for the best results & potency.

We only provide the best.

We bring the highest quality CBD products to market while at the same time developing a brand synonymous with purity, safety and efficacy. Wherever there is a VHM store, you can be assured the products within are the best in the industry, i.e. pure, safe and effective whether they be for medicinal or recreational purposes.

We have the knowledge.

VHM provides education and training to our staff in CBD products and the industry in general.  Our staff will pass on their knowledge to consumers in the form of instructional classes and videos available at any VHM retail outlet.  The educational aspect of VHM offerings is important since CBD as a new product with an ever-expanding list of applications will require that consumers will not only know of its uses, but how to use the various products.

 We have it all. VHM carries an extensive line of CBD products including, but not limited to creams, lotions, oils and other products geared toward health and well-being.  In addition, VHM carries a variety of recreational products made from the “flower” of the plant, from CBD flowers to concentrates.