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NYS Licensed Manufacturer & Distributor of Full & Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Made by Veterans for Veterans and anyone else who loves having CBD as a tool in their self-care arsenal.
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Wicked Warrior Balm

WW Balm is AMAZING!! Once I apply and massage in, within minutes I’m pain free. Placing another order I do not want to go without this EVER again. So happy I found you on Z100!!!

Erin H.
-Verified Buyer

Raw Midnight Tincture

I highly recommend the Raw Midnight Tincture. I take .50ml – 1.0ml every morning & night. It works great for my anxiety, stress, mild pain and I can sleep better now. Thank you & God bless Veterans Hemp Market for making great products!

-Verified Buyer

Freedom Rings

Not only do these taste amazing but they work like a dream literally. I only have to take half of one and I have the best sleep of my life. I am usually filled with anxiety as the parent of a Stroke Survivor (who was only eight years old when this happened to her). She’s 11 now and doing better every day but being a caregiver still takes its toll on me. So when I lay down at night and she has a night nurse with her I need to be able to get my rest and be able to face the next day. Usually, I would wake up multiple times a night whether it is worrying or thinking, or even just using the bathroom. The nights that I take even just half a ring I sleep straight through 7-8 hours! They are AMAZING❣️

-Verified Buyer

CBD Crystalized

The products that Jason and his Wife make are top-notch!

Verified Buyer

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