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“Veterans Hemp Market (VHM) is about compassionate care, cannabis education and business opportunities to our veterans and local community. VHM guarantees that these products are made with the utmost care and finest ingredients available. VHM is deeply committed to providing an exceptional customer experience with the intention of changing lives one customer at a time! Hemp has many uses and multiple effects on the user. We pride ourselves in having NYS certifications to ensure our customers receive the best quality products out there. From tinctures to topicals and pet products to flower, you will find not only the products you need, but the education you need to get the best results. We make it ourselves, so stop by and take a look!”

Our Team

Jason Ambrosino


Veterans Hemp Market was created by Jason Ambrosino, a 100% service-disabled veteran, who medically retired from the Army in 2014. After being on numerous medications for his severe neck and back damage from combat, he looked for alternative medicine to help with the pain. That is where Cannabis, Cannabinoids and Cannabinoid oil came into play. We, at Veterans Hemp Market, create, manufacture, label and package all of our products in house in our GMP certified facility. Our Cannabinoid products range from vape oils, tinctures, and edibles to flower, lotions, healing salves and even CBD dog treats and tinctures to help the anxious pups out there. This company was created by veterans, for veterans and because the products work, we know it works for the everyday hero…YOU!

Sonja Ambrosino

Chief Operating Officer

Sonja Ambrosino was first introduced to Cannabis when her husband was looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals. When she saw the impact cannabis had on his ailments she knew CBD could work for her and her arthritis. After suffering multiple breaks in both her feet, she was inundated with pain and arthritis. Years of pain pills brought her to the realization that there had to be a better way to manage the pain. CBD was her saving grace and what better way to use it, than using a product she was making. Together with her husband, they created all the products that VHM offers to help those in need. Now a mother at the age of 41, CBD has become part of her daily regimen of self care and healthy living. Running VHM was never what she thought she would be doing, but now wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shayne Hardy

Production & Sales

Shayne joined VHM in 2020 during the height of Covid-19. Assisting in the PPE supplies and sales with Jason’s other business (AVET,LLC) Shayne also cross-trained with VHM and learned about their products and production. Quickly she became a production associate and trained in all manufacturing methods and recipe knowledge. Production quickly became her daily task and she assisted in the transition of the storefront into the first VHM brick and mortar store. Her knowledge in Cannabis and Cannabinoids has become a benefit to the customers looking for different ways to ease their pain, whether it be from stress and anxiety or overall body pain.

Current NYS Licenses

VHM is proud to be approved as a New York State Licensed Manufacturer of Hemp Products. With this certification, we can assure our customers that our products are formulated and produced in a safe and clean environment. As the Hemp industry grows, it is important for our small business to grow with it. Small businesses like ours need the help of our community and customers. In order for VHM to survive in this ever changing industry, we encourage our loyal customers to share their experience with us of their favorite products and share that with their friends. Let’s keep our small business strong as we head up this industry along side some of the largest companies out there. Support Small Business!

In addition to being a leading NYS manufacturer of Hemp products, VHM also holds a distributor and retail license for the state of NY.

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