Delta 8 & NY State

Per New York State law, Delta 8 and all products which contain its chemical markers are prohibited to be sold in New York.

Please reach out to us at (518)-883-7035 or your local legislator with any questions.

Current NYS Licenses

VHM is proud to be approved as a New York State Licensed Manufacturer of Hemp Products. With this certification, we can assure our customers that our products are formulated and produced in a safe and clean environment. As the Hemp industry grows, it is important for our small business to grow with it. Small businesses like ours need the help of our community and customers. In order for VHM to survive in this ever changing industry, we encourage our loyal customers to share their experience with us of their favorite products and share that with their friends. Let’s keep our small business strong as we head up this industry along side some of the largest companies out there. Support Small Business!

In addition to being a leading NYS manufacturer of Hemp products, VHM also holds a distributor and retail license for the state of NY.

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