Why Highly Concentrated CBD Oil Tends to Crystallize

In recent months, here at Veteran's Hemp Market, we have been receiving emails and complaints from users who have found that their CBD oil vapes have crystallized. That’s we have decided to put together this explainer article to provide an in-depth explanation. If you...

CBD Flower—What It Is and How It’s Used

“We are Veteran's Hemp Market and believe in providing the best quality products at the best possible price..” CBD is a popular hemp extract that many people use for its potential wellness benefits. Consumers often flock to products like CBD oil, gummies, or infused...

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What clients say

My lab has been having anxiety issues for awhile has been on meds from the vet and many hundred dollars later still not much better. Got the CBD biscuits and she only had one and has calmed her down tremendously. I just started using the CBD. I high recommend this product. I will continue to use it I don’t want to run out. Also much safer then the prescribed medication and a whole lot less. 😊😊😊😊




"I’m absolutely loving the tincture. I take it nightly before bed and can feel it kick in. It relaxes me to the perfect level and makes falling asleep so much easier than it’s been in the past. And without being all groggy in the morning"




"I’m a service disabled veteran with PtSd and TBI, I used to take meds for my mood, insomnia and for chronic pain. So much so that I would go through withdrawals if I forgot or ran out of meds, I had enough and had been doing quite a bit of research on cbd and a battle recommended Veteran Hemp Market tincture , that was about 3 months ago, I’m relieved to say I’m off of all pharmaceuticals and use cbd in combination with diet and exercise. My quality of life has increased 10fold!!!"




"I am 13 year US Army veteran I currently surfer from sleep apnea, depression, chronic pain in my right forearm, and anxiety. I take a dropper full of CBD Tincture before bed and it helps me sleep with my CPAP machine on all night. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night taking my CPAP mask off because the CBD Tincture helps me to relax and puts me in a deeper sleep and with no side effects in the morning other than my body feeling fully refreshed the next day ready to go. During the day I take half a dropper and it helps with my anxiety of worrying about everything, it helps calm me down even though I tell myself to, the CBD Tincture again helps me relax during the day. It relieves the pain pressure of my right forearm when I rub the CBD Tincture directly on my scars and where the pain is on my right forearm and with that being said I HAVE NO DESIRE TO BE TAKING PAIN MEDICATION FOR MY CRONIC PAIN. Other than the CBD Tincture that I take that HELPS manage my pain. PRESCRIBED PAIN MEDICATION just gets me high and wears out and I have to take more and leaves me feeling not myself by the end of every dose. Believe me when I say that this CBD Tincture that I take from Veterans Hemp Market helps and works for me."




"I think as a vetran cbd works in alot of ways calms me down helps with pain and sleep as well i would fully recamend this product"




"Amazing how much better I feel after using this on a regular basis. I started using the cbd oil for pain but it has helped me with sleep ptsd and overall health."




"The best cbd tincture I’ve had. Works like a charm once you know your dosage according to your weight."




"I met you at the Albany shaker craft fair and really like your product. They have seem to be helping me sleep better, help with my hip replacement and with the anxiety too. "




"I stopped by the Shaker Site craft fair this morning and picked up a large Battle Balm. Words can not express how happy I am with your product.. I have tried so many products to ease my arthritis and while some did take the edge off, it pales in comparison to your balm. I can actually say after applying it " MY PAIN WAS GONE" . I am actually crying happy tears. I never thought I would ever have a time when I wasn't in pain. God bless you, you are a God send!! I will be ordering from you again, I guarantee it.🧡💜 Thank you so much "